Open Toe
Open toe hosiery runs from the waist and ends just before the toes, leaving your toes free. Perfect for wearing with sandals or peep toe shoes. Some have an elastic toe loop to keep tights in place whilst others are simply finished with an elasticated trim. (Left)

Reinforced Toe
This is the most common type of toe finish we offer. The benefit of a reinforced toe is that they have been designed to protect your toes and increase the durability of the product. The reinforced toe is very common on the lighter sheer finished items of hosiery as this will strengthen the hosiery from laddering. (Centre)

Sandal Toe
When Tights have a sandal toe the toe area is designed to be sheer without an reinforced seam. This means that it is not always obvious that a wear has closed toe tights on, even if their shoes are open as no seam or finishing is visible. (Far Right)

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