Matt tights usually fall in to one of two categories. 1 – Nude, sheer tights that aim to achieve a natural look without giving any shine or shimmer to your skintone. 2 – Opaque tights of 40 denier or more that give a solid, opaque colour without any shimmer or gloss properties to the yarns, particularly common with wool blend hosiery. Ideal for causal daywear or a smart look at the office.

A silk finish will give a bit of shimmer to the yarns used to make the hosiery item producing a slight sheen. Somewhere between full on gloss and matt, these items are ideal for achieving a luxury texture to the legs without drawing too much attention.

Products with a Shine or Gloss finish will give a highly polished, glamorous look. Think silky smooth, just oiled skin with sheers or high quality silky yarns for opaques. Highy popular for their look and feel, gloss tights are favoured by celebrities, royals and the fashpack.

Cut & Sew
Cut and Sew means that the product has been creating by sewing two pieces of knitted hosiery together to make one pair - resulting in a seam down the back of the leg or the inside seam of the leg. Usually this type of construction is found in high deniers or lace products where it is difficult to knit the product in a circular tube as most hosiery pieces are knitted. It is more expensive to make items in this style so it's a tecnique used mainly by the luxury or fashion brands. 


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