The term denier is often referred to as the thickness of an item of hosiery but, to be more specific, denier refers to the weight of the yarn that was used to produce the item of hosiery. A higher denier of yarn results in a thicker pair of tights. Hosiery items range in denier from around 8 up to as high as 200 or more.

When choosing hosiery you need to think about how much coverage you require depending on where you wish to wear the item, the weather at that time of year and what look you wish to achieve. Below are a number of common terms used to quickly portray the level of denier of a particular item:

Sheer Hosiery
Sheer hosiery is extremely fashionable and worn typically during the spring / summer months when the weather gets a little warmer. Sheer tights offer a natural, smooth appearance, giving the look of perfect, silky legs. Available in subtle matt or high gloss finish, Sheer hosiery is anything with a denier between 5-30.

Semi Sheer / Semi Opaque Hosiery
Semi sheer / opaque hosiery can be anything between 30 and 50 denier and is perfect for giving your legs a little coverage during the early autumn.

Opaque Hosiery
Opaque hosiery is beautifully soft and extremely comforting. It makes the ideal hosiery selection for the autumn and winter months. Opaque tights usually have a denier from around 50 to 200 or more. Opaque tights with a high denier can sometimes look very similar to leggings, especially if they are footless.

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