Applying Hosiery

Hosiery can be a delicate item so it is important proper care is taken when putting on or taking off your items. This simple guide will help your hosiery look great and last longer!

  1. Always remove jewellery that may catch on the yarns causing snags or ladders. Also make sure nail edges are smooth and rounded. 
  2. Roll the tights completely from toe to waistband. 
  3. Put your foot into the rolled item and carefully unroll the item up your leg. Take care to get the rolling and unrolling straight so that the item sits correctly, particularly if it involves patterns or back seams. 
  4. Once placed correctly at the waist you can carefully smooth out the legs or straighten up the item if needed, being careful not to over stretch the item in any area.

When removing hosiery roll from the waist down and off at the foot, without pulling from the toe. Again be aware of jewellery and nails.

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