Within our legwear accessories department we have a number of popular hosiery options that are perfect for adding a little fashion and flare to your outfit. These include a variety of knee high socks, over the knee socks, leggings and suspender belts. Below each type of Legwear Accessory has been explored in greater depth for your benefit:

Ankle Highs / Anklets
Ankle highs, also known as anklets, are similar to traditional socks. Unlike socks, anklets are styled and finished in yarns that vary in denier or thickness, as tights do. They often feature patterns or lace detail. They are very popular with celebrities, worn best with trousers or a skirt and heels. Take a look at our fabulous range of ankle highs within our Legwear accessories department.

Footless hosiery, commonly recognized as leggings or footless tights, is styled in the exact same way as normal tights, however they end at the ankle rather than running straight to the toe. Take a look at some well -fashioned footless hosiery, available in a number of finishes and styles.

Knee Highs / Knee High Socks
Knee highs are very similar to socks in the manner in which they are worn and applied but they are available in a number of sheer and opaque finishes, as well as being elegantly poised in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics. They are fabulous for adding a little individuality to an outfit, and they go hand in hand with work wear or casual day wear. Take a look at our knee highs and get your latest fashion fix.

Over the Knee Socks
Over the knees are again, very similar to socks and knee highs, although these are an elongated infusion of the two, and are typically reach a couple of inches over the knee. Over the knees are very fashionable to wear with shorts or skirts and boots or heels. Browse our range of over the knees and see if there is an item that you could use to spruce up an outfit.

Suspender Belts
Anybody that wears and adores stockings will know what the purpose and benefits of a suspender belt are. Suspender belts are worn around the waist and the straps attached to the top of stockings to keep them in place. 

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