Here at hosierybasket.com we have a huge selection of tights available. Tights are also commonly known as pantyhose, particularly within the USA. Tights / pantyhose are superb for giving your legs comfort and warmth, style and individuality. They are also hugely practical and go hand-in-hand with work wear. Below are a wide variety of tights that we offer, varying in thickness, style, and fabrics. Go on, treat your legs to some luxury:

  • Sheer Tights
  • Opaque Tights
  • Seamed Tights
  • Fishnet Tights
  • Shiny Tights
  • Slimming Tights
  • Suspender Tights
  • Lace Tights

We also stock a variety of coloured tights and patterned tights, as well as our hugely popular fashion tights.

Garter Pantyhose/Suspender Tights

Suspender or Garter Tights can be one of two things. The Mock Suspender Tights, made famous by fashion designer Henry Holland and seen on celebrities such as Jessie J and Rihanna, are tights with a higher denier leg that comes to stocking height. The top part has a sheer finish with a lower dernier with mock straps printed or woven in a higher denier on top. These tights give the appearance of stockings and suspenders or hold ups but take the same design as a pair of tights- i.e. from toe to waist with gusset enclosed. 

The term Suspender or Garter Tights can also be used when referring to a hosiery item that comes in one piece but open around the gusset and waist area as it would be when wearing stockings and suspenders. The waistband of the garment acts as a suspender belt. However the straps that reach down to the ‘stockings’ are attached permanently and so no straps or clasps are required to hold the stockings in place. Sometimes called 'Strip Panty', these tights could be described as cut out tights as the waist, hip and gusset area are cut out.

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