A gusset is often added to the crotch area for added durability and comfort. In a similar way to the brief, gussets come in a variety of styles. Below each type of gusset is explained, for our savvy hosiery online shoppers:

Plain Gusset
A plain gusset means a panel is placed in the crotch of the tights that is made of the same fabric as the rest of the hosiery item. The purpose of having a fully flushed hosiery item with a plain gusset is to provide greater flexibility and comfort.

Cotton / Silk Gusset
Commonly, hosiery will be crafted featuring a cotton or silk gusset. This type of hosiery is very favorable due to the hygienic benefits of having a gusset made from cotton. This type of gusset is sophisticated and often offers a better fit and extra comfort.

No Gusset
Hosiery that consists of no gusset is simply finished with a seam at the join in the around the crotch.

Open Gusset
The open gusset has hygienic and comfort benefits, especially in warmer weather. With this style, no gusset is placed in the tights and the join is not seamed, leaving the gusset open. The hole is reinforced by surrounding seams that strengthen the hosiery.

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