A brief is a part of a hosiery item that wraps itself around the hip area and lower pelvis. The brief changes from product to product and is available in numerous styles. Look out for the brief type within the product descriptions. Below are the three types of common briefs:

Sheer to Waist
The denier (thickness) of the tights is consistent and runs right the way through from the toes to the waist, hence the name sheer to waist. In effect, there is no styling to the brief area.

Boxer Brief
A boxer brief means there is a different denier at the top of the tights, shaped similar to a boxer short. The idea of a boxer brief is to create a reinforced finish and to provide greater comfort.

V Line Brief
The V-line brief is not too dissimilar to the boxer brief, consisting of a balanced thickness up the leg and increasing in denier towards the top of the thigh and above. A V Line brief takes a “V” shape – similar to underwear.

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